Cooking In Stilettos...
Thursday, March 6, 2008 Don't Make Me Whip Out My Stilettos...

My regular readers at Just Because... know I had to say that...

Welcome to my new diversion. I figured that a gal needed one outlet solely to devote to all things Cooking, Entertainment and Kitchen related and *poof* Cooking With Stilettos is born. To answer the question - yes, I do at times cook with stilettos (any fetish people tho - get your mind out of the gutter please). I'm a gal who is busy busy busy and I don't always have time to change before I start cooking. Cooking is my passion and I hope that many share the same love of all things culinary.

I adore anything that is Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, Food Network, or cooking related. I love my kitchen and I'd like to think that if my kitchen had feelings, it would love me back - unconditionally. Even if I do smoke it up a bit. And clutter it with new goodies. And sing loudly while chopping. Hey, if anything I'll be brutally honest. It probably would kick me in the pants too, but still - with love.

Now - let's take you on a quick tour, shall we. To the left you will see the blogroll of cooking sites that I love as well as various blogs that I frequent. Also, if you scroll down a bit, you will see a whole slideshow of kitchen/entertaining goodies that you often can catch on "Everyday Italian". As I adore all things Italian - I figured, why not. Also, here you can find recipes that will garner you raves from not only your friends and family, but make you say "hot damn!" when you take your first taste.

So, bookmark, blogline, google reader this page and let's start this culinary journey together shall we?

Buon appetito!


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