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Monday, August 18, 2008 (Another) Night At The Bourbon...

While I was in Philadelphia last weekend, plans were made to have dinner at one of our fave spots, Bourbon Blue. I encountered this spot first in April and it's one of those spots that just sticks in your memory. See, while the Bourbon is great for cocktails and catching up with friends, one can't ignore the fact that the cuisine there is top notch. IMO, their executive chef, Mark Ziebis, is a culinary wiz. My friends know that when I'm in town, that a night at the Bourbon is on the agenda somehow.

Of course we started again with the Blackened Chicken Quesadillas with the cilantro sour cream and salsa fresca. For entrees, Meowmix was predictable with her favorite Parmesan & Cornmeal Encrusted Scallops while at the expert advice of our server, I opted for the Blackened Tilapia with Pecan Butter Sauce. Of course, it was futile to even TRY to resist the Espresso Martinis that Heather whipped up nor the Blueberi Stoli Lemonade that Anthony plied us with that evening. After dinner, you must check out the downstairs club as the DJ rocks, there's live bands on Saturdays and, as a matter of course, the bartenders will always take care of you.

Now, I didn't paparazzo much as I lost the pics in the Blackberry Crash heard 'round Philadelphia (and I'm still in mourning) but Meowmix was smart enough to snag a shot of not only her Scallops (check out that presentation) but also the Cornbread and the infamous Creole Butter.

Parmesan & Cornmeal Encrusted Scallops with Vegetable Orzo

For the record, the last time I went, I begged, whined and pleaded with our server, Mark, to get me the recipe from the chef for their Creole Butter. Believe me when I say it was TO. DIE. FOR. Mark took heed of my whining and told me 3 little ingredients. I came home and tried like mad to replicate it. It was close, but not quite. I hit frustration level because while my attempt was good, it just didn't have that za-za-zuu. In stiletto speak, it's like wanting Jimmy Choo and getting 9West. Nice but just not IT. You see my point? And y'all know I refuse to settle.

Well, this time I was determined that if I had to bribe a senator to get that recipe, I would. Thankfully, the powers that be at the Bourbon took pity on a gal and kindly relinquished the hold on this recipe. We'll call it an early birthday present.

Many thanks to the crew at the Bourbon Blue for their fabulous service and always lookin' out. If you are headed out the Philadelphia way, check them out at 2 Rector Street, Manayunk, PA 19127; (215) 508-3360;

Bourbon Blue's Cornbread and Creole Butter

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