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Thursday, August 21, 2008 Wishful Thinking: All Clad Slow Cooker...

I'm a gal who wants a gorgeous kitchen without the Bill Cosby gadget clutter as much as the next gal and this All Clad Slow Cooker is screaming my name.

However, at $249.95, the price tells me "Hold up. Wait a minute!" and I back away slowly.

However, much like me on the hunt for a rockin' stiletto at Neimans, the price doesn't stop me from fondling whenever I'm in Williams Sonoma. The cool stainless steel look, the removable braiser that can go on the stove top - heaven for a cooking diva, no? Sadly, my little slow cooker doesn't go stovetop to slow cooker.

Ahhh well, a gal can at least look, right?

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