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Wednesday, March 12, 2008 Baffled & Bewildered: Williams-Sonoma...

For those that read Just Because... y'all know I have been lusting after Williams-Sonoma's Blue Scarf Print Tablecloth for quite some time. I finally broke down and decided to go pick it up the other night as consolation. And that Williams-Sonoma had it in the exact size I needed. Score!

Now, yes, the tablecloth is quite pricey, but if you see it in person - it's stunning. I pretty much only use two tablecloths - a standard white or a red. That's it. For me to really venture into this is quite the departure for me. And most of my house is varying shades of teal/blue and chocolate. This would fit in perfectly!

As I trot to the cash register, I notice a apron, mitts, etc. all in the same print - but in the green shade. The manager basically ripped my heart out when she told me that the print is available only in the green and pink shade. It is not available in the blue and I really really really want the apron. So either I lose my heartset idea of the blue or I settle for the Pink or Green. I chose to put back the tablecloth and walk away, yet again disappointed by Williams-Sonoma.

What I don't understand is why Williams-Sonoma would only come out with it in two of the colors, but not all THREE. And when I saw the Green, even the manager said the color just was not "it" and she wasn't a fan of that particular shade of puce green. Williams-Sonoma, you should really consider it in Blue. I know I would have bought the whole set.


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