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Thursday, March 27, 2008 B[u]y The Book: "Things Cooks Love"

There are two cookbooks that are on my "Must Have" list - the Anniversary cookbook from my favorite grocery store - The Fresh Market and Sur La Table's "Things Cook Love".

As a huge lover of all things Sur La Table, I was thrilled to hear that they have their first cookbook, "Things Cooks Love" available on their website. I don't know about y'all but I know with me - I'm not only a shoe-a-holic, but also a cookbook-a-holic. I have cookbooks scattered on bookshelves, in my kitchen, in boxes - you name it. It takes a push from above to get me to part with any of them (and yes, I did - no more Rachael Ray or Paula Deen in my house - just a personal choice - that's all).

If you buy it today from their site - you can get an autographed copy for $24.95. Saving money too - so in the cart ready for checkout!

From their site:

We’re thrilled to introduce our new cookbook, Things Cooks Love. It’s a true celebration of food—more than 300 pages packed with wonderful recipes from around the world plus tips, techniques and in-depth looks at ingredients, tools, cookware and more. From selecting the perfect chef’s knife to preparing Cornish hens al mattone, if you love to cook, this book will become the cornerstone of your global kitchen.

Introductory special $24.95. Will be $35.00 after May 31, 2008.

You can see the Cookbook Preview Here.

Now - tell me is your curiosity is peaked just a little? What's YOUR favorite cookbook?

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