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Saturday, March 29, 2008 A Little Comfort...

There are times when a gal needs a little comfort food and, after this week from hell, comfort was on the agenda. Nothing screams Massachusetts than a bowl of warm clam chowdah and there is NO better than Legal Seafoods.

Now that I reside in Central Florida - that's not an option. The only other *gasp* is Friendlys and that's only because it's from my childhood - not necessarily an accurate reflection of true home goodness that is Legal Seafoods.

You can imagine my surprise when I found Legal Seafoods Clam Chowder in the refrigerated section of Costco. Yeah, I know - warehouse super club but still - LEGAL SEAFOODS.

So tonight, I grabbed some freshly baked ciabatta and a bowl of Clam Chowdah with a bit of added touches i.e. freshly cracked black pepper, a bit of sea salt and Italian flat leaf parsley.

Now that, my friends is a bowl of comfort.

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