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Sunday, June 22, 2008 Deal Alert: Princesa de Minaya Saffron at LaTienda...

Saffron has been described as one of the world's most expensive spices. However, when Spanish cooking is at the forefront, saffron is a must for any cook's pantry. I mean, what is a paella without saffron, right?

So, when you see REALLY good saffron at a REALLY good price, that's a score, right? And, with that comes a duty to tell your foodie friends. I've held off buying saffron, mostly due to the price and - seriously - what am I going to use it in? I don't make paella very often. However, I've noticed that other recipes use - most recently used in today's Everyday Italian's Chicken Scallopine with Saffron Cream Sauce.

La Tienda hits again with their Princesa de Minaya Saffron, D.O. La Mancha at $14.95. Yes, you read that right - fabulous saffron at a good price? Hot damn. Now this is no Costco saffron, my friends, but the real deal.

I'm really starting to like La Tienda - perhaps I'll toss in the sangria pitcher with the saffron purchase and kick up my heels.
What's a "must have" in YOUR spice pantry?

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