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Monday, June 23, 2008 Courtesy of Nikki: A Meme About Me...

Well I was tagged by the uber fabulous Nikki for a meme about me, which, technically is the first Meme over at Cooking in Stilettos.

1) LAST MOVIE U SAW IN A THEATRE? Sex & The City. I'm not a movie gal - went to way too many back in the day when I first moved to town so movies and I normally are non-mixy things. However, if it's George Clooney or S&TC related, I'm so there.

2) WHAT BOOK ARE U READING? Currently, I'm still perusing Sur La Table's Things Cooks Love, Lois Frankel's Nice Girls Don't Get Rich and, for fun, Jen Lancaster's "Such A Pretty Fat".


4) FAVOURITE MAGAZINE? Cooking Light or Bon Appétit; for Fashion - Cosmo/Glamour/Allure; for lifestyle: Orlando Magazine or Philadelphia Magazine.

5) FAVOURITE SMELLS? Apples; Fresh Coffee brewing.

6) FAVOURITE SOUNDS? Birds chirping in the morning.

7) WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD? Feeling "out of sorts" and "uninspired" - both of which have been running rampant over here.

8) WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN U WAKE? "Ugh. Do I really have to go to the 9to5 today?"


10) FUTURE CHILDS NAME? Haven't got a clue but more than likely Justine Nichelle (if it's a girl) or Nicholas Justin (if it's a boy). The reason I have it plotted out is in honor of two of the people closest to me who have since passed, Justine and Nick.

11) FINISH THIS STATEMENT—’IF I HAD A LOT OF MONEY I’D... pay off debt; pay off my father's debt; buy a house and invest some - oh, and buy myself a pair of Loubous AND some gorgeous hammered copper Ruffoni pots.

12) DO U DRIVE FAST? Sadly, I do have a bit of a lead foot. I've curbed it a bit after speeding tickets back in the day and learning how much gas you blow when you speed.

13) DO U SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? Nope. A breathing, biting cat - yup.

14) STORMS–COOL OR SCARY? Depends on the storm. Standard storm - sure, it's okay - I just prefer to be inside and not be a drowned rat. If its a hurricane, oh that can be scary. I just try to keep calm that way I don't tip off the cat.

15) WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? Chrysler LeBaron

16) FAVOURITE DRINK? Ice Coffee or a Cable Car Martini.

17) FINISH THIS STATEMENT-IF I HAD THE TIME I WOULD… blog more; write more; work on my own business.


19) IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY OTHER COLOUR, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR CHOICE? Dying and I are non-mixy things after the Grammy debacle of the errant skunk stripe. I haven't dyed it since I got it back into shape. I'll stick with my natural dark blonde.

20) NAME ALL THE DIFFERENT CITIES/TOWNS U HAVE LIVED IN? Agawam, Mass; Chicopee, Mass; New Britain, CT; Lawrence, MA; Derry, NH; Orlando, FL and now, currently, Altamonte Springs, FL. There might be changes in the near future.

21) FAVOURITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Hockey! Baseball and basketball in small doses.

22) ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Nikki is a fabulous food blogger who writes from the heart and you can tell that cooking is deep within the soul.

23) WHATS UNDER YOUR BED? Storage boxes and shoe boxes (c'mon - I'm the stiletto wench. I can only fit so much in the closet.)

24) WOULD U LIKE TO BE BORN AS YOURSELF AGAIN? Sure, I guess. I don't think I want to be reborn as a grasshopper or something else. I'll just be me.

25) MORNING PERSON OR NIGHT OWL? I'm more of a night owl. Too many years of working clubs and such has me still rebelling at early morning light.

26) OVER EASY OR SUNNY SIDE UP? I prefer over hard. That's just me.

27) FAVOURITE PLACE TO RELAX? With my friends in Philadelphia.

28) FAVOURITE PIE? Hmmm.. I'd have to say Pumpkin. Blueberry and Apple run a close second and third, respectively.

29) FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR? Espresso Chip or Haggan Daz Creme Brulee.

30) OF ALL THE PEOPLE U HAVE TAGGED, WHO IS THE MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND FIRST? I don't really tag but if you want to do it, feel free.

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