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Saturday, June 28, 2008 Memories of Cooking...

I will have to say that it's been a super stressful week so tonight I decided to chill out and make something so basic for dinner - a hamburger. However, I wanted to doctor it up the way I like (arugula, spicy ketchup, a touch of ff mayo, ciabatta bread and some bleu cheese & provolone).

While I was cooking, I noticed that the wine fridge has been rather neglected of late. I can't remember the last time I opened a bottle of wine in this house (perhaps at my last dinner party - 5 months ago?!?!?!) so I grabbed a bottle of my favorite, Beaujolais, and cracked it open. I poured myself a healthy glass, put that by the stove and went back to playing on my goal of a perfect burger for dinner.

Then the memory hit me. My grandfather did the SAME thing when he would cook - except he would have a beer mug full of his favorite beer, cold and frosty.

Sometimes, its things like that which remind me - I am my grandfather's granddaughter.


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