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Sunday, December 7, 2008 Gift Alert: Nordstrom's 'Flavors' Cookbook...

Do you have a cookbook aficionado on your gift list and are wary to buy any cookbooks in case they "might have them"? Even better, are they a fashionista and loves all things Nordys?

Well, here is the gift that they wouldn't expect.

Nordstrom has a cookbook called "Flavors" by their executive chef, Michael Northern, and has recipes from their popular cafes. During my Philadelphia trip when Reese, Meowmix and I had lunch in the Nordstrom Cafe, I flipped through the pages and immediately added it to my Santa list. The recipes are top notch, the photography is amazing and it's written for the home cook.

Check it out here and, of course, you can get cash back.

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