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Thursday, April 10, 2008 Fondue Anyone?

I've been looking for a fondue set lately as I've been wanting to have a fondue soiree.

I've been fondling this Le Creuset Fondue Pot for a while now. I think the time has come to investigate the Le Creuset outlet as well to see if they have one that's at a lower price. It's sturdy, well made and I swear by Le Creuset's products. The price makes it quite the investment for an occasional piece, but a piece that will be used for many years.

A more wallet friendly alternative is the Cuisinart Electric Fondue pot. Dishwasher friendly, generously sized and non-stick. It handles everything from cheese to chocolate to oil. Again, a pot made for multi-tasking with a temperature control.

Now, when it comes to dessert, what about this Chocolate Fondue set? Y'all know I really am a sucker for pretty copper. Yes, I think this will be on my "hmmm.. perhaps I need to investigate further" list.

Sur La Table has a more reasonable priced Copper Fondue Pot that looks a bit more "multi-tasking".

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