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Monday, December 8, 2008 Gift Alert: Holiday Wreath with Copper Molds... and More...

I am a Facebook junkie, I know. That's not up for debate. Anywhoo - last night, Pretty Random Thoughts' Lesli posted something about getting a wreath that really wasn't her favorite. So, when I was perusing around Sur La Table looking for that hostess apron I adore along with a couple other things, I saw that they had some wreaths on sale.

My favorite above all is the Holiday Wreath with Copper Molds. It's on sale and is just so festive. I adore all things copper so you combine that with something very "holiday", it's on.

Check out their other wreaths, centerpieces and foliage. Some other faves are:

Harvest Pumpkin 'Lantern' Centerpiece

and the

Pomegranate Garland

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